Electronic visa to St. Petersburg
from October 2019

19 July 2019 Mr. Putin confirmed and signed the authorization on putting into operation the regime and power structure of the electronic visa on the territory of St. Petersburg.

The advantage of the electronic visa

The electronic visa differs from the usual one: it can be done using Internet site without visiting the Consular institutes. It facilitates the procedure and formalities for the tourists and businessmen. Due to the reduction of the employees involved in the visa issue the visa cost will be impressively taken down
For getting the electronic visa the foreigner just sends to the special consular site the passport details and the scanned copies of the requested documents ( the photo and some questionnaire ). Upon arrival at the country of Russia the border authorities just stamp the border crossing and the visa information is stored in the datas base storage. The visa issue period available from 4 to 20 days before arrival


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