Valeria Deviatovskaya

General Manager
The most creative, the most General, Leader of our Team. Italian, Spanish, English speaking.

Tatiana Gromenkova

Executive Director
The biggest music fan in Leader Team. Spanish, English speaking.

Vlada Malenkikh

Project Manager
The most tranquil, level-headed member of the team. English, Spanish, French speaking.

Julia Bondareva

Project Manager
The most responsible person in Leader Team. Italian speaking.

Marina Plekhanova

Project manager
The most reliable and helpful person in the Team. Spanish, English speaking.

Valentina Tikhomirova

Project Manager
The most skillful, artistic member of the team. Spanish, Portuguese speaking.

Alexandra Kurianova

Project manager
The youngest member of our Team. English, Italian speaking.

Alexandra Tkacheva

Project Manager
The universal specialist, the all problems solver.

Tatiana Bulatova

Project Manager
The most punctual person in Leader Team.

Valentina Lopatnikova

Accounting Director
Our living calculator.