Rescuing cats but not pictures!


       Annually Russians celebrate The Rescuer`s Day – one of the most important holidays in our country. This day celebrate in rescuers honor people who come to help out the first.

     These people don`t know about tiredness, don`t pay attention to the nationalities or borders, don`t have nothing impossible such as nature disasters or first- aid delivery to injured people. They are superheroes who are always ready to some really surprising situations.

     Recently firefighters from Saint Petersburg should attend an emergency to Hermitage. It was some fumigation in one of the museum`s spaces.


Museum's exhibits weren't harmed but brave rescuers should evacuate local cats, who further were brought to veterinarian clinics and spent there some days because poor cats had strong poisoning with carbon monoxide.

We remind you that Hermix or cats of Hermitage – they are official palace cats which live there since its foundation. They are used for catching rats and mice and also they are important part of museum life. We wrote about them in previous article of october news and wish them to get well soon.

And thank our rescuers for their huge hearts!

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