“This is dedicated to all great conquerors

– past, present and future.”


     The Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg boasted the exhibition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the world-famous Russian battle painter Vasily Vereshchagin where more than 150 of his works are displayed.

     The visitors were able to see one of the most outstanding works of Vereshchagin – the painting “The Apotheosis of War”. The canvas with a pyramid of human skulls is without a doubt the most recognizable painting of Vereshchagin. This is his protest against wars and violence. It is written on a frame: “This is dedicated to all great conquerors – past, present and future”.

     We join the appeal of Vereshchagin: Let’s play the games and stop the wars!

Our active program includes:
    - Shootings in field environment with real samples of small-weapon that shoot with blank ammunition;
    - Field stripping and assembly of the Kalashnikov gun (AK-47);
    - Target and imaginary enemy AK-47 and Mosin Sniple Rifle shooting;
    - Rides on armored vehicles: on tanks T-55 and BMP-1;
    - Tank round (shot is performed with a blank round. Sound and visual effects are the same as in case of shot with live ammunition);
    - Tour of an exposition of armored vehicles and artillery;
    - Dinner with battlefield kitchen;
    - And of course selfy session!

In the Soviet times that sort of military sports games called Zarnitsa.

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