ICE GOLF  of the most beautiful winter destinations in Russia Play golf standing on the ice 5370 feet above the lake's bottom!

- Golf course architect: nature 
- Golf course surface: natural snow and ice cover of lake Baikal 
- Golf course design: executed by the Golf Federation of Irkutsk Region 
- Number of holes: 9-18 (depending on the number of players)
- The longest hole: par 5 
- Golf courses: within 2,5 km (1,5 miles) 
- Individual and team championship. Players of any level of training and travelers with no physical training. 
- You will have an opportunity to fight for Baikal Big Challenge
- Prize and medals made of precious stones that can only be found in two places in the world (one of them is Baikal).


Tango master class in Russia

Tango master class Professional dancers could discover some secrets of tango and make unbelievable evening for all participants!
Our team had a New Year party 2015 deducted to Tango and it’s great! We guarantee.

Snow kiting

Snow kiting in St.Petersburg The unique possibility for active sport in windy place with panoramic view to the one of the most beautiful cities in a word. Great opportunity to visit this culture destination.

snow kiting

Skiing in Russia

Your SKI season in the Olympic capital of Russia
- Resort located in 45 min from the airport and of Black Sea
- Everything is NEW and specially built and certified for Olympic Games. Tested and approved by champions!
- Peak at 2320m and 72 km of slopes
- Opportunity to taste famous Caucasian cuisine!
- 3 ski area, with own advantages: aqua park, best black slopes or observation platform with panoramic view!
- Great choice of the hotels of the world chaines - Aqua park
-Night life à la Russe
- Night skiing
- Russian après-ski
- Skating rink indoor
Welcome to discover the CAUCASUS!


Ski-doo as a winter activity but also for transfer to island Kizhi In Karelia
Karelian Snow drive festival
- Is not a competition but a feast of all funs and ski-doo drivers of all levels
- Is a possibility to admire the nature,
- to enjoy the adventure and program for the whole family


Husky tours

Drive the Huski the dog sledding in Karelian picturesque woodland sceneries

Hovercraft in Russia

Possible now to visit the Island Kizhi by a snow the hovercraft In Karelia


Palace Square gambling rollerski race

Annual Palace Square gambling rollerski race July 10, 2016 International sprint in the Palace Square traditionally gathers the strongest skiers for the race in an unusual format – knock-out sprint, skating

Segway tours Saint-Petersburg

Trendy alternative to bus or pedestrian excursion with the most famous sights of Saint-Petersburg Can be a part of cityquest or as transfer to a restaurant.

marathon_ white_nights


Mass marathon today is a reality. None of those who can make a marathon in less than 4 hours does suffer from heart disease." All marathon runners keep saying that the marathon makes a huge healing effect. Marathon makes a person radically change his lifestyle: from a passive “waiter” of all sorts of diseases and afflictions, he becomes a true master of his body and his behavior. The marathon is a real school of life.

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