News of December 2016

It's funny

Our rebranding

Anticipating New year of the Rooster 2017, we announce re branding.. Everything changes, so we made a decision to change our folkloric logo -a beloved Troika to innovational one. For we are the innovational Russia that will spellbound you and make you ponder. Russia always amazes, would that be Skolkovo innovations or Moscow luxury and St. Petersburg splendor, impetuous development of Sochi or gigantic scales of construction in Crimea.

It`s only first step to global innovations in our company, always keeping our strongest and best points, though. Our team prides itself in possessing those renown "troika" traits which allow us surpass everyday challenges.

Open your New Russia with the Leader-team!

It's interesting

One more mystery of the Romanov’s

After the world famous TV series the “War&Peace” shot by BBC were released, one more much-talked-about historical film “Mathilde” that was produced in Russia is coming out in the screens in 2017. Just after the movie preview erupted the scandal that involved even the prosecutor’s office. The mystery of the relationships between the last Emperor of Russia Nickolas II and the ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaya, who stated the fame of the Russian ballet worldwide, is hotly discussed until now.

Must have

Russian North close to Imperial palaces

This year snowy winter came to Russia but too early. Thanks to it, we can enjoy all winter activities not only in Northern areas like Karelia but also in milder regions. Thus, the Russian North has come all the way down to the Hermitage palace in St. Petersburg!

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