News of January 2017

It's funny

You don't have to be a Russian to understand Russian cartoons.
It doesn't take a professional to make your own cartoon.

  The authors of the “Masha and the Bear” cartoon didn`t expect such a high appraisal of their creation outside of Russia. Nevertheless, it became the most popular cartoon in the world.
  Find out the secret of this “Russian phenomenon” and learn how to produce your own cartoon which might be the best advertisement of your company.

It's interesting

Ballet once moved from the stage to the skating-rink and now it is in the swimming pool.
  A unique premier has started in St. Petersburg in December 2016. An ordinary fairy-tale told in extraordinary way, in water, which makes it one of a kind in the world. The audience was treated with performances from the stars of synchronized swimming, water jumpers stunts, circus show, singing and dancing!

Must have

The USSR "maybe bag" is back
  This year the law on prohibition of plastic bags production and use comes into force in Italy. Catching the trend, Italian fashion designers started to think over a new ecologically friendly bag. The outcome was a classic, braided rope shopping bag, which was frequently used by Soviet people. "Maybe bag" was taken with just in case - may be there is a chance to buy something. For more than 50 years this bag was a symbol of empty shelves in shops.

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